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Restaurant Kitchen Planning

Opening a new restaurant, or redesigning a commercial kitchen can be a daunting task. Careful restaurant kitchen planning can be an important step in ensuring smooth operation of your commercial kitchen. Getting the most out of your kitchen’s existing space by carefully planning how to place your commercial cooking equipment is hugely important.

Executing Your Menu

Proper arrangement of cooking equipment, and placement of prep items can lend to efficiency, or doom your operation to time-wasting repetition. The professionals at Restaurant Equipment Depot are qualified and knowledgeable about how and why to properly lay out and help you design your kitchen to maximize it’s potential. Experience in this field is a must, and sometimes everybody could use the advice of a seasoned professional…

Kitchen Design Experience

Enter Stan West.  Stan takes a lot of pride in assisting his customers and the experience and knowledge he brings to the table in restaurant kitchen planning is unparalleled.  We know a well designed commercial kitchen is integral to efficient, safe and profitable food preparation.  A commercial kitchen designed to consider ergonomics will be appreciated by the owner, chef and all of the kitchen staff.

The fewer steps required to complete a task, the easier the task at hand can be completed. Careful and considerate planning in the design of the commercial kitchen by Stan can save money and, more importantly, TIME during the construction phase and increase profitability over the lifespan of the kitchen. Restaurant kitchen design plans are dictated by space requirements, equipment and of course budget.

Designing Your Kitchen

From the area where you are prepping your food before cooking, to the placement of your fryers, ovens, refrigeration and other commercial cooking equipment, it’s important to get it right the first time. Allow Stan to assist you in your restaurant kitchen planning by lending our years of experience towards the design, planning and execution of your restaurant kitchen.  Contact Stan West today about Restaurant Equipment Depot's commercial kitchen design.